Friday, December 3, 2010

The "E" Family

I first met this family as I was taking picture in the yard of their neighbor. As I was photographing the mom and dad (the neighbor) I had to keep redoing the shot because they were laughing or looking really cheesy. Little did I know Mr. E was behind me trying to make some really funny gestures to make fun of this family sitting in the leaves in their yard. Well look who is in the leaves now!! But these guys were smart, they found a new location where the neighbor couldn't come out and taunt them in retaliation! I loved this new location. It has a small fountain with lots of rocks and beautiful leaves and trees. You can't really tell with all the leaves, but there is a small pond under all of that behind them. I plan on shooting there again. Plus the family was super nice and the kids kept me laughing!!

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