Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss J

Little Miss J use to come to our house several times a week before our little guy was born. She is full of spunk and laughs. She did so good considering we got some awesome shots in less than 15 min....just before the sky opened up and started pouring down rain. This is the second year I got to create her birthdy invitation. (some info removed for privacy)

I Love You, another P Family

These boys are just the cutest!!! The older one is one of Keagan's bestest friends. The is so tiny compaired to our tall sweet giant. But they have the best fun together. I just had to include my two most favorite pictures at the bottom.

They say I Love you in rock star fashion to their mom and I got a great shot of the older one doing it.

I just had to include this one. Even with the younger ones eyes closed, it is just the sweetest picture!

The P Brothers

This fall season seems to be the season of boys! I have photographed many families and all seem to have boys...and most are Keagan's bestest friends! This family was so much fun. The mom is so awesome, she keeps my two and her two all at the same time when I have a photoshoot..she is a saint in my books since my two alone are a handful. But I guess the 3 older boys all play together well so she can spoil our littlest one.

Mr. L

Hard to believe this little guy is getting so big! He is just a few months older than my little one and everytime I see him, he is always happy. I loved taking his pictures, his eyes are so blue!

Soccer Season

I was busy, busy, busy this soccer season. Between going to Keagan's games and then photographing the Upward soccer league with First Baptist Church. This big guy is a neighbor of ours. He is always playing out in the yard with his ball and Keagan loves to watch him from the window. He says he will be as good as him one day. I am usually photographing his much older brother for every prom season, so it was fun to have a little soccer field time this time around.

Hello out there

With the birth of our second son, this poor blog...once again...has been neglected. Poor Blog :0( but I have had my hands full. Here is the proof :-)

He is almost 6 months and getting cuter by the min. Hopefully in the next few days I will get some of my recent sessions uploaded since I was able to squeeze a few in between savoring every second of this little one.